Solid Hardwood Stairs.


We provide solid hardwood stair treads and risers for recapping and installation of new solid hardwood stairs. These treads and risers can be made of Oak or Maple. We provide Treads for box stairs (enclosed by a wall on both sides), Box stairs open on one side, or curved stairs that include pie shaped treads. These treads are custom made and will be made according to templates that will be taken of your existing stairs.


We provide installation services for solid hardwood treads and risers for solid hardwood stairs.

Sanding and refinishing

Involves sanding of the top layer of solid hardwood stairs to eliminate the finish and revealing raw hardwood and refinishing it to restore shine and luster. It is a suitable process for existing solid hardwood stairs that are made of solid oak or maple.


This process involves installing solid hardwood treads and risers on top of existing stair structure, which was previously covered by carpeting. This process is suitable when the stairs are made out of poplar and not oak and maple and are not suitable for sanding and refinishing. It allows for Solid oak or maple hardwood treads and risers to be installed and finished.

Why Choose Solid Hardwood Stairs?

The short answer to this question is extremely simple: they look absolutely fantastic. We specialize in Solid Hardwood Stairs in Vaughan & Toronto, offering the highest quality material and professional installation. The long answer will take a little longer and includes a look at some of the alternatives:

  • Solid Wood Stairs Vs Carpeting – Solid wood certainly looks far better than carpeting in our experience and that’s when you are comparing a brand new carpet to brand new hardwood stair treads and risers. If you were to make the same comparison after each had been subjected to a few years wear and tear the difference would be even more apparent. Solid wood stairs are simply more durable and in the event that they start to look a little shabby, you can always have them refinished.
  • Solid Wood Vs Engineered Wood Stairs – The best choice depends to a certain extent on whether or not you are planning to carpet the stairs in question. If you are, engineered treads will usually suffice. On the other hand, if you are planning to leave the bare wood exposed, solid hardwood is almost certainly your best choice. Being made of solid wood, it can be refinished many times over the years, ensuring that you never have to replace the treads or risers unless you fancy a change.
  • Solid Wood Vs Tiles – Faux wood tiled stairs can look very attractive and the more expensive ones are quite realistic when viewed from a distance but they most certainly don’t feel like wood underneath and they cannot be refinished either. Prices vary quite widely, depending on the particular brand of tiles that you are looking at so it is not really possible to make a direct cost comparison with solid wood. However, it is fair to say that you will not save a great deal of money by tiling your stairs and it could end up costing you more.

Our Solid Hardwood Stairs

As mentioned above, our solid wood treads and risers are available in a choice of oak or maple. We find these hardwearing woods to be ideal for stairs and not only that, they look great too. If you order our custom-made treads, you can be sure that they will be a perfect fit for your home and our expert team will of course ensure that they are properly installed. Call 905 669 8255 today to discuss your needs or drop into our store in Vaughan, just outside Toronto.