Finium® Friendly Wall.


About Friendly Wall

New at M Squared Flooring & Design Centre is the fun new addition of Friendly Wall decorative wall panels Finium. Produced and distributed in Canada, the US and Europe, we are proud to add this Eco-friendly product to our line up of environmentally conscious products. Friendly wall makes a very nice accent wall to just about any space in the home, from the living, to the dining, even bedrooms and halls. Finium also makes mention of applications to ceilings, and entry ways, an opportunity for decor that should not be overlooked!

Friendly Wall is Eco Friendly

How is friendly wall Eco friendly? The friendly wall is made from reclaimed hardwood, that has been cut to pieces, which allows the most advantageous use of every bit of hardwood, and reducing waste typically associated with the production of hardwood dramatically. Finium posts on their website that the glue used to affix each piece of hardwood to the panel is a water-based substance made of polyvinyl acetate. Meeting LEED and Green Guard norms, friendly wall also states they use a finish that is ultraviolet-cured, which in turn results in no emissions of VOC’s according to guidelines enforced by the government of Quebec.

We love this product so much we installed the Walnut from the Classik it in our own showroom at the Improve Mall in Vaughan ON. located on 7250 Keele Avenue, unit #32 & 52, come by and have a look! We selected the Walnut from the Classik Collection, for it’s characteristic warm and varied appearance. We love it! A question we often get is whether or not this product can be installed on or near a fire place. Friendly Wall is flammable, like all hardwood, it should be kept a safe distance away from flames. With that in mind, be sure to consult with installation codes regulated within your province for authorized guidelines and procedures.